Fueling Services

Discount Fuel for our Drivers

Birchwood Transport has an on-site fueling station and offer discounted fuel prices we also work with national truck stop chains to get the best fuel pricing available for all of our drivers.

The Garage

Everything you need, under one roof

Birchwood Transport has a full-service repair shop, equipped to handle most any repairs. We're fully geared up for quick fixes if your truck needs immediate help to get back on its way.

Our shop is open six days a week.

Wash Bay

We take pride in our Fleet

We like to keep our fleet looking top-notch and we expect the same from all of our drivers. This on-site wash bay is available to company drivers and owner operators during normal business hours.

The Latest Technology

Keeps us right on time and in the know

Birchwood Transport utilizes the latest in dispatch software, satellite tracking, and two-way communication.


Drive for Birchwood

Employee & Family Friendly

We respect and value our employees, and we sincerely respect their need to balance family and professional life. We work very hard to give our drivers outstanding flexibility, unwavering support, and get them home on time.


Drive for Birchwood

Hardworking, Dependable Team

From fleet managers to human resources representatives, our team works seamlessly together to provide our drivers with the support they need to make driving for us enjoyable and rewarding.


Drive for Birchwood

The Best Equipment

We’re committed to maintaining a fleet of clean, modern, and well-maintained trucks. And many of our trucks are equipped with the latest satellite tracking and dispatch technology. Because we know that’s what drivers want to drive, and we know the best equipment is necessary to promote safety, security, and performance.


Drive For Birchwood

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Our goal is to give drivers the work environment, support, compensation, and benefits to make them want to work here, and stay here. We’re a strong, stable company that’s in this for the long haul, and we need drivers who want to do the same.